What Are The Top Local SEO Predictions

Local SEO professionals have to work with local seo nj  the same mindset and deal with the same things as any regular SEO professional. The only noticeable difference between the two jobs is that regular SEO targets the people of a specific country and local SEO targets the people a specific geographical location. Many speculations about regular SEO in 2014 are already out in the open, and I am sure that you know almost all of them. However, the future of local SEO in this new year is not very clear to us yet.

Therefore, this post will try to unlock the doors to the unknown, and make 4 predictions about the fate of local SEO in 2014. Let us have a look:

Prediction #1: Mobile Will Continue Its Progress

In 2013, mobile Internet usage had a tremendous growth. However, less than 10 of the top 100 Fortune 500 companies maintained websites that were meeting every mobile SEO need set by Google. Not only the other Fortune 500 companies, but also the smaller businesses will start going after the mobile SEO rules of Google more diligently in 2014. Why is that? Mobile has a close connection with local SEO because most searches made via mobile devices look for local results.

Prediction #2: Fake Reviews Will Disappear

Potential customers like to read product reviews before making a purchase. As a result, these reviews hold the power to elevate or destroy the sales figures. Since they are so significant, many local businesses are writing fake reviews to boost their online credibility. Search engines like Google are working hard to prevent these businesses from deceiving people, and will surely come up with a solid plan in 2014.

Prediction #3: Social Signals Affecting Algorithms

Active participation in social networking websites will not only bring a local business closer to its customers, but it will also affect the search engine results in 2014. Search engines are programming the algorithms in such a way that they can catch social media interaction as a powerful signal. Social media is an efficient and cost-effective medium to elevate local SEO (as small businesses usually run on a limited budget), and professionals will have to work harder to improve the social signals.

Prediction #4: Lesser Importance On Keywords

Google’s Hummingbird update makes it clear that keyword-based content will soon fade into oblivion. In 2014, content writers will have to focus less on the keywords and more on the topic. However, keywords will exist in future and local SEO professionals must not stop including the physical location into keywords. But they must focus on doing local SEO that looks “natural“, and not “forceful“.



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